More Buildings!
The Satyr came out the last evening, the performer actually creating some wonderful bone jewelry and weapons in his shop during the day
Barbarian Women ready to kick some behind big time!
The infamous Tortuga Twins, whom we met at the Port Angeles Pirate Festival, do the "R" rated loose cannon version of their show...
Phil, Dawn, and Lee take a ride on one of the three elephants!
Lauri and the Barbarians!
As the kids see later at the stable, it is of course all fake stage blood...
The French Knight not being particularly nice to the English Knight
The Spanish Knight, whom I have seen perform with the Knights of Avalon at Shrewsbury, is defeated in the horse-to-horse as the English Knight takes out his crest. 
One of the many variations on lancing the rings...
The Spanish Knight takes to the field
The Joust begins as the Hanlon-Lee Action Theatre troop take to the field.
Don Juan and Miguel put on quite a fun show!
The unpredictable Red Tailed Hawk from the Bird of Prey Show
The Goblin Queen!
Lauri and Mary examine the Goblin King's... armor!
The Wyldmen do "Beowulf" in the mud pit...
Phil, Sheira, and Paul examine the far end of the faire grounds...
More fantastic buildings!  And this site was huge too!!
An example of some of the incredible permanent store fronts
Even More Buildings!
Red-Tailed Hawk
Horse to Horse Combat
The Infamous Spanish Knight
The Joust Begins
Don Juan and Miguel
The Goblin Queen
The Interpreter for the Goblin King's Court
Green Armor!
The Goblin King and his incredible Armor
Targetting the Rings
Storybook Castle
Beowulf in the Mud!
Lee, Shannon, Dawn, and Phil with the signature orange Fairie of the Arizona Renaissance Faire!
Orange Fairy and Co.
Springy Satyr
Barbarian Women in Leather Armor!
Tortuga Twins
Elephant Ride!
Barbarian's All!
Stage Blood after all
Scalping the English Knight
The Lord Mayor at the Entrance
The entrance and part of the pre-show to the Arizona Renaissance Faire!
Arizona Renaissance Faire - February 18-20 2006 - Easily the largest permanent Faire I have ever been to - A great time was had by all!  What a contrast to the smaller Pacific Northwest faires I have gone to in recent years.  It was all about entertaining the crowd, not "historical accuracy".  The public, kids and all, seemed to have a wonderful time with a great mix of entertainments, both historical and fantastical.  Great job!  All text and photos © 2006 Douglas Herring