Ryan and Allan Suess
Sir Josef the Mighty shows up in his underwear, Grosni has stolen his armor!  The entire contest has been a sham!  Heads will roll!
Sir Phillipe le Martel, riding Navarre, enters the lists!
Grosni and Phillipe cross lances!
The French Knight not being particularly nice to the English Knight
Sir Alan DeWillett of the Black and White Faction, riding Bocephelus; jousts with Grosni 
The mysterious mystic know as Meridian, who fought for the Red Faction.
Giancarlo of the Greens gives Aurian a very painful low blow.  (ok, I am lying here...)
Dame GeLeah of the Reds dismounts and continues her battle with Sir Feylin on the ground!
Joris of the Rock, riding Shannar, prepares to shoot a live armored target!
Sir Jaeger of the Reds does battle with Aurian of the Purples...
Belgermir Jotunfriend, Ranger of the Gold Faction (hey, that's me!), takes out Sir Feylin of the Green...
Oengus does battle with young Royce Scimmia Ragazzo, who is about to take a fall...
Karl Grosni, the "Knight" of the Purple Faction, riding Terror. 
Dame Richildis of the Blue Faction does battle with Emil, the Sergeant of the Purples...
A full house at the Bridle Trails State Park!
The Evil Purples take on all other factions.
Chuck Davenport
Paul Reese and Ryan Heflen
Ryan and Walt Szklarski
Alan Paulsen and Chuck
Karla Reese!
Deborah, Dameon, Allan, and Pete
Dameon Willich
As the Lady Gabrielle of the Blues moves off, Joris shoots!
Pete Keller and Me
Ann Shilling and Lee Kessler
Rena Stone and Pete
Packed bleachers!
John Moore and Kyle Robinson
Wolfgang of the Reds does battle with Sir Phillipe on the ground
Joe Kukowski in his underwear!
Dave McCollaum and Phil
Chuck and Phil
Phil Smith
Darragh Metzger
Hosting the event is the Lady Daramis, who was riding Shannar.
Bridle Trails, Redmond WA -  June 3, 2006.  The Seattle Knights do a full-on benefit show for Bridle Trails State Park- A beautiful day and a great show at one of my favorite venues.  All photos by Steve Barta and Joe Kukowski.  I was in the show, so they used my cameras, the best of both worlds until the cloning process is perfected.  Great job guys! All text and photos © 2006 Douglas Herring www.dougherring.com