Grand Coulee Show, May 13, 2007. Ridge Rider Road Grounds - Grand Coulee WA - A tournament between the elder daughters of sisters Baroness Hepsebah of Grant and Baroness Lyonessa of Delano Heights. A very fun way to spend Mother's Day!  I was performing in this one, so all shots are from the field between those fights.
All text and photos ©2007 Douglas Herring
Ann and Pepper
Dame Richildis, eldest daughter of Baroness Lyonessa.  Riding Valkyrie.  
Rena and Sketahr
Dame GeLeah, eldest daughter of Baroness Hepsebah.  I was working for the House of Grant, so naturally she has to win...  GeLeah is riding Sketahr.
Carlin and Bo
Carlos DuPonti, a knight in training, riding for the House of Delano Heights.  His mount is Bocephus.
Paul and Brisa
Sir Jaeger von Verdorben, riding for the house of Grant.  He rides the warhorse Brisa.
Chuck and Levi
Sir Charles le Chevalier, who was a rover and worked at times for each of the two houses.  Riding Leviathan.
Dave and Lauri mix it up...
Wolfgang of the House of Grant finishes off Aniko of Delano Hieghts
Note new bling...
Dame Richildis dons helm and shield and heads off for the light joust!
Paul and Carlin
Sir Jaeger and Carlo meet lance to lance in the light joust!
Vivian and Rick
Tempus Mori of the House of Grant, seems to have the upper hand in her battle with the towering Luchs of the House of Delano Heights...
Vivian takes one for the team
...but in the end, Luchs spanks her...
Dave and da Monkey Boy (Kyle)
Wolfgang battles Affe Junge, the "Flying Monkey Boy" of the House of Delano Heights.
Nicole and Kat
Nedea of the House of Grant takes a low blow from foul Kiera of  the House of Delano Heights...
Hannah and Leila
The angelic Antigone, GeLeah's younger sister, has her rival Chloe, the younger sister of Richildis, very much in tow.
Ann kicks Rena in the behind!
The final grand battle between vixen Richildis and fair GeLeah begins..
...and the final battle was epic in all proportions...
Hannah sits on poor Rena
...both rivals knocked to the ground, the younger sisters attempt some aid, though obviously Chloe is cheating...
Ann wins the tournamet
Dame Richildis of the House of Delano Heights is named winner of the Grand Tournament! 
Chuck and Paul
And for an encore, Sir Charles and Sir Jaeger do one last series of Heavy Joust runs, to the entertainment of all!