The Festival of History in Northampton England August 13-14 2005 - Two days of more re-enactors, from more time periods, than you can shake a stick at.  If only the weather had been nicer.  This is the merest sampling of the 8 gigs of photos I took that weekend.  All text and photos © 2005 Douglas Herring Douglas Herring
The English Civil War rages on at the Battle of Nasby!
Lances are shattered as Grand Knights clash!
...and off they head down the field, lance in hand.
The Green Knight and his charger stand ready...
The Blue Knight on his horse...
The Yellow Knight stands ready!
The Green Knight steadies himself for the coming battle.
Preparations for the Grand Tournament begin!  The Red Knight armors-up!
Note the camera on the Heritage Knight's lance.  Would love to see that footage!
The Blue Knight was apparently a celebrity getting a taste of Jousting
The Knight representing English Heritage
This fair maid was part of a video production going on at Festival
Captain of the Pikemen
Life in the Medieval Village
Napoleonic French Soldier
A Legionnaire stands guard over the soup.
A French General prepares his troops for Waterloo.
A Standard Bearer in the Roman Camp.
...and in the pouring rain as well.
On Saturday, only the Squires armor-up and do battle... does her Standard Bearer
Queen Elizabeth I braves the rain
Richard III heads for Bosworth
The Centurion!
The Legions of Imperial Rome move forward!