Ye Merrie Greenwood Faire, June 30, 2007. Richland WA - Here another annual tournament ensues, as the Reds gather new troops in an attempt to unseat the Grand Knights of the Alliance, who so soundly trounced them last year!
All text and photos ©2007 Douglas Herring
Sir Yaeger of the Red Faction, prepares for combat, mounted on valiant Brisa.  
Vivian and the Gang
Tempus Mori, uncharacteristically, gives a friendly wave; while behind her the infamous Red Guard muster for war!
Lauri strides forth
Aniko Rokkan, one of the Marshals present, grabs her whip and prepares to confront unchivalric behavior. 
John, Lee, and Dameon
As one of the Fey overseers watches, Emil of the Alliance confront Captain Marcos of the Red Faction.
Chuck and Strider
Sir Charles le Chevalier riding for the Reds, performs the light runs upon Strider.
Dave and Jennifer
Wolfgang does heavy combat with young Olwyn.
Dameon and Gina
"Hey Moe!"  *boing*  Ivy of the Alliance dazzles Captain Marcos...
Kat and Dave go at it again...
Kiera of the Alliance also takes on Wolfgang, with far greater success...
Kyle prepares to leap...
Affe Junge prepares to attack Wolfgang...
...and Dave sends him flying again, as usual
...and once again earns his name of "Flying Monkey Boy"...
Jen takes a lot of arrows for the team!
Olwyn of the Alliance finds herself the lone target for four Red Archers!  Ouch!
Sir Alan DeWillette riding Marcus for the Alliance!
Carlos DuPonti, riding Beau, starts down the Jousting list...
Ann and Pepper, and Jen as squire
Dame Richildis, mounted on Valkyrie, with their faithful squire Olwyn.
Rena and Sketahr
Dame GeLeah of the Red is ready to face him...
Carlin and Rena go at it
...and steel and sinew meet with full force as DuPonti and GeLeah clash!!