Norwescon 30, April 5-8, 2007. SeaTac DoubleTree Hotel - Another great NorWesCon, I let them rope me into speaking and had a wonderful time across the board!  All text and photos ©2007 Douglas Herring
Leila and Kyle
Blue and Kyle go a LARPin'!
Japanese Medival Helmets
Japanese Helmets from the Medieval Japanese Helmets Panel!  Heaven for the Herring!
Luis Royo and Friends
Artist Guest of Honor Luis Royo between a couple of friends
Naomi and da Klingons
Two Klingons go after Xena, and you can bet my money is on her!
Great Rocketeer costume, this guy knew his Dave Steven's poses!
Horned Goddess
This was my favorite costume of the show, just incredible!
Four Elements and Gaia
Molly and Jonnalyhn take "Best of Show - Workmanship" in the Master Class in the Masquerade!
The flash on our cameras really picked up the nature of this costume!
Red Empress
For some reason this young Empress had a lot of body guards, go figure...
I have always wanted to do a Satyr costume, so naturally, this Satyress costume had me excited!
Manticore vs Xena and Gabrielle
Manticore's got nards! But not for very much longer....
Black Winged Helmet
Of course, I am a sucker for a winged helmet! Nice!
Jay Lake - Author Extrodinary!
The infamous Jay Lake at the Saturday Night dance!
My art
My art panels as they were originally set up
If only Luke had gone over to the Dark Side
And of course, Darth Vader and Mini-Darth