2007 Robin Hood Festival, July 21, 2007. Sherwood OR - The Seattle Knights perform once again at Sherwood.  They (we) are the guardians of the Grand Procession of the Maid Marian Court, put on a number of fight-circles, and do two performances of a highly abridged version of the play "Robin Hood"
All text and photos ©2007 Douglas Herring  www.dougherring.com www.douglasherring.com

Those star-crossed lovers, Robin and Marian!!  

Our grand narrator Deborah! 

The lovely ladies of Maid Marian's Court along with their escorts, the Seattle Knights

The Parade proceeds down the center of the festival

Mounted on these fair steeds, the ladies of the Maid Marian Count prepare for the parade.

More of the ladies, now on their steeds, preparing for the parade

Somehow the outlaws seem to always overcome trained soldiers...

Friar Tuck starts another rant...

And the parade begins...

The Play begins!  Norman's rule and Saxon's drool...

The Ladies of the Court are accompanied by a group of singers, whom I assume were part of the official Maid Marian Court

At the center of the Festival, the singers present many a merry song to the ladies!

King Richard I has a great plan to unite England: Retake Jerusalem from the Saracens!

Robin Hood encounters John Little, soon to be known as Little John

The grand archery contest!

Wait a minute?!?  How does this play end??

An impromptu final fight-circle, as we help the festival fill in some time... The Norman Bors and Merry Man Alan-a-Dale battle it out... 

Norman's Bors (Edward) and Luchs (Rick) "protect" our narrator Deborah, and our fair merry man Leila.