Shrewsbury Faire, September 8-9, 2007. King's Valley OR - There has been a kidnapping and affairs of honor to be settled in the big blow out final medieval faire of the summer for the Seattle Knights!
All text and photos ©2007 Douglas Herring

Captain Marcos is angered in return when he and the Red Faction are accused of kidnapping young Willow!  

Dame Rowan leads an Alliance of Knights from the Green, Blue, and Gold Factions; as she seeks answers to what has befallen young Willow!

Sir Carlin rides for the Alliance!  That lettuce head will never bother anyone ever again!

Moriah's sister is also looking for a jouster and bribes Sir Phillipe with two bags of gold.  Those darn greedy Blues...

Dame Rowan of Killaloe is more than a little upset!  Her niece Willow has gone missing!

Sir Phillipe, traitor to all he knows, enters the heavy joust for the Marauders!

Nedea of the Marauders towers over Meridian of the Reds, whom she has just defeated...

Straga of the Red Faction shoots from horseback, as does Dame GeLeah behind her

Olwyn of the Alliance jousts for the first time, and does one great job of it!

Angus of the Alliance takes a solid kick from Tempus Mori of the Red Faction!

Rocheritter of the Marauders tries his hand at shooting members of the other factions...

The nurse is actually Moriah's sister and the cause of all of our problems!  Her Marauder's enter the tournament!

Willow's nurse produces a Red Faction tabard, and speaks of the Reds attacking and kidnapping poor Willow!

A representative of the Greater Fey arrives to arbitrate the tournament that will decide who the guilty ones are...

The Greater Fey, with Marshal Josef watching, appoints Corwyn of the lesser Fey as healer of the tournament! (Yeah, that is me) His wand? The chicken of healing!

Royce of the Alliance takes a kick at Rocheritter, who doesn't seem to notice...

Sir Yeager of the Reds takes on Sir Phillipe of the Marauders in that heavy joust

The tournament is interrupted as Moriah's Marauders enter the field, with poor Willow in tow!

Rocheritter unhorses Dame Richildis of the Alliance, but she turns the tables on him and eventually knocks him senseless...

Grossne, the cowardly brother of Moriah, does the final joust with Olwyn, and smacks her very improperly from behind!

Unhorsed now, Olwyn take the battle to Grossne, unhorsing him as well!

Continuing to fight dirty, Grossne battles on and on, but is eventually defeated by Olwyn!

As Olwyn and Grossne fight, young Willow manages to overcome Moriah's sister and gain her freedom!

Captain Marcos then takes his frustrations out on Moriah's sister...

Willow of Killaloe and Royce of the Alliance are re-united in love, and all ends well!