Trip to Redding and Whitmore California - May  2004 -  All text and photos © 2004 Douglas Herring     Apologies to those with only dial-up connections....







The Jeff Fennel "Artist at Large" Gallery - Red Bluff - May 14, 2004


Upper flat on the North side, can't see the lower valley well, but a good flat area.  Quite dry in summer though... Facing East

Lorraine and the wildflowers...

Mt. Shasta from the Weed Airport - May 16, 2004

Glendenning Creek - at the West property line

Wild Lilacs!

The lower house site at the eastern end of the valley.  West of "Virg's Creek"

The Spring in the lower valley - facing West - Shasta Daisies, of course Blackberries, but lots of ferns too...

Whitmore California - Property on North Side of Glendenning Creek, near Dam and Apple Tree, facing East, looking up the lower valley - May  15, 2004


"Magic-Pies" outside of Lorraine's house - Redding - May 15, 2004


The Artist at Large


Trees on the South side of the Creek - on the steeper side